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of Southeast Idaho


Ann Ogden-Holy Cow

That was so much fun, I love it! I just can't quit looking at it. What a great idea, I want to do it for someone. Thank you so much it made my day exciting.

Kim in Blackfoot, Idaho Return Missionary

Oh Wow! The sign looks great! We pick him up tomorrow the 3rd in Idaho Falls at 5:50pm. I was surprised, because I thought you would put it up Saturday. Thank you so much we love it.

Thanks Again, Kim

From a 100% Completely Satisfied Customer

Paul & Janette, Pingree Idaho Welcome Home for missionary

We love the sign! It was great to come home after picking Stephanie up and see that Welcome Home sign in our yard with balloons and smiley faces. The grandkids loved it and so did weThanks!

Paul & Janette

Vickie, Blackfoot Welcome Home for a missionary

It was so nice to not have to worry about how to welcome our missionay home, we got home from the airport to see the sign in our yard letting him know we were glad that he was home. Thanks, we loved it!